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Imports of Meat of Swine (Pork) Originating in the United States of America (Review of the Determination that concludes the Antidumping Investigation), CMP v. UPCI, Decision of the Binational Panel, MEX-USA-2006-1904-01 (NAFTA Ch. 19 Art. 1904 Panel, Dec. 05, 2008)

Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip in Coils from Mexico (Final Injury Determination in the Five-Year Review of the Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Orders), ThyssenKrupp Mexinox v. USITC, Decision of the Panel, USA-MEX-2005-1904-06 (NAFTA Ch. 19 Art. 1904 Panel, Sep. 10, 2008)

Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada (Final Scope Ruling Regarding Entries Made Under HTSUS 4409.10.05), Wyndel Box & Lumber v. DOC, Memorandum Opinion and Order, USA-CDA-2006-1904-05 (NAFTA Ch. 19 Art. 1904 Panel, Jun. 25, 2008)

Imports of Carbon Steel Tubing with Straight Longitudinal Seam from the United States of America (Dumping), Berg Steel Pipe v. UPCI, Binational Panel Review Pursuant to Article 1904 of the North American Free Trade Agreement, MEX-USA-2005-1904-01 (NAFTA Ch. 19 Art. 1904 Panel, Mar. 13, 2008)


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