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Lead and Bismuth I, European Communities v. US, Report, SCM/185 (GATT Panel, Nov. 15, 1994)

Taxes on Automobiles, European Community v. US, Report, DS31/R (GATT Panel, Oct. 11, 1994)

Tobacco, Argentina v. US, Report, 41S/131, DS44/R (GATT Panel, Oct. 04, 1994)

Apples, Chile v. ECC, Report, DS39/R (GATT Panel, Jun. 20, 1994)

Tuna, ECC v. US, Report, DS29/R (GATT Panel, Jun. 16, 1994)

Fresh and Chilled Atlantic Salmon CVD, Norway v. US, Report of the Panel, 41S/576, SCM/153 (GATT Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices, Apr. 28, 1994)

Milk Powder and Certain Types of Milk, European Communities v. Brazil, Report, 41S/467, SCM/179 (GATT Panel, Apr. 28, 1994)

Norwegian Salmon AD, Norway v. US, Report of the Panel, 41S/229, ADP/87 (GATT Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices, Apr. 27, 1994)

Stainless Steel Plate, Sweden v. US, Report, ADP/117 and Corr.1 (GATT Panel, Feb. 24, 1994)

Bananas II, Colombia v. EC, Report, DS38/R (GATT Panel, Feb. 11, 1994)


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