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EC - Seal Products, Canada v. European Communities, Reports of the Panel & Addendum, WT/DS400/R;WT/DS401/R; WT/DS400/R/Add.1;WT/DS401/R/Add.1 (WTO Panel, Nov. 25, 2013)

China - Broiler Products, United States v. China, Report of the Panel & Addendum, WT/DS427/R; WT/DS427/R/Add.1 (WTO Panel, Aug. 02, 2013)

US - Stainless Steel (Mexico), Mexico v. United States, Report of the Panel, WT/DS344/RW (WTO Panel, May. 06, 2013)

Canada - Renewable Energy, Japan v. Canada, Reports of the Appellate Body, WT/DS412/AB/R, WT/DS426/AB/R; AB-2013-1 (WTO Appeal, May. 06, 2013)

China - GOES, United States v. China, Award of the Arbitrator, WT/DS414/12 (WTO Art. 21.3(c) Arbitration, May. 03, 2013)

China - X-Ray Equipment, European Union v. China, Report of the Panel & Addendum, WT/DS425/R; WT/DS425/R/Add.1 (WTO Panel, Feb. 26, 2013)


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