The Treaty of Versailles


June 28, 1919

Table of Contents

Part I The Covenant of the League of Nations  Art.1-26
Part II Boundaries of Germany. Art. 27-30
Part III Political Clauses for Europe Art. 31-117
Part IV German Rights and Interests Outside Germany. Art. 118-158
Part V Military, Naval and Air Clauses Art. 159-213
Part VI Prisoners of War and Graves. Art. 214-226
Part VII Penalties. Art. 227-230
Part VIII Reparation. Art. 231-247
Part IX Financial Clauses.   Art. 248-263
Part X Economic Clauses. Art. 264-312
Part XI Aerial Navigation. Art. 313-320
Part XII Ports, Waterways And Railways. Art. 321-386
Part XIII Labour Art. 387-427
Part XIV Guarantees.   Art. 428-433
Part XV

Miscellaneous Provisions.

Art. 434-440