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General List No. 18

22 March 1926



Tenth (Extraordinary) Session


Case concerning certain German interests in Polish Upper Silesia


Germany v. Poland


BEFORE: President: Huber
  Former President: Loder
Vice-President: Weiss
Judges: Lord Finlay, Nyholm, Altamira, Anzilotti, Yovanovitch
Deputy Judge(s): Beichmann, Negulesco
National Judge: Count Rostworowski, M. Rabel
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Citation: German Interests in Polish Upper Silesia (Germ. v. Pol.), 1926 P.C.I.J. (ser. A) No. 7 (Order of Mar. 22)
Publication: Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice Series A - No. 7; Collection of Judgments


[p96] THE COURT,
composed as above,
after deliberation, makes the following order:

[1] The Court

(1) invites the Parties to furnish, at a public hearing, by whatever means they may think fit, further information regarding the points [p97] reserved by the Court for this purpose, subject to the Court's right, should the evidence thus furnished be regarded by it as insufficient, to make good such insufficiency by the means provided for in the Statute;
(2) instructs the President to fix the date of the hearing in question, after having ascertained the wishes of the Parties.

[2] Done in French and English, the French text being authoritative, at the Peace Palace, The Hague, this twenty-second day of March, nineteen hundred and twenty-six, in three copies, one of which is to be placed in the archives of the Court, and the others to be forwarded to the Agents of the Applicant and Respondent Parties respectively.

(Signed) Max Huber,
(Signed) Å. Hammarskjöld,

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