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Notice of Termination of the Application of the High Representative’s Decision Reviewing the Orders Blocking All Bank Accounts of, held by, and/or in the Name of Certain Individuals issued on 5 September 2008 and Related Orders of the High Representative, 09/11 (OHR, Jun. 10, 2011)

Notice of Decision by the High Representative to Lift the Bans Imposed on a Number of Former Public Officials by High Representative Decisions, 44054 (OHR, Jun. 10, 2011)

Order Temporarily Suspending Certain Decisions of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adopted at its 21st Session Held on 24 March 2011 and any Proceedings Concerning Said Decisions (OHR, Mar. 28, 2011)

Decision Enacting the Decision on Temporary Financing of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Period January-March 2011 (OHR, Jan. 26, 2011)

Decision Repealing the Decision Enacting the Law on Amendments to the Law on Electricity of 18 September 2009, 22/11 (OHR, Jan. 21, 2011)

Order Suspending the Application of the Law on the Status of State Property Situated in the Territory of Republika Srpska and Under the Disposal Ban, 01/11 (OHR, Jan. 05, 2011)


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