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Decision suspending Stanimir Reljic from his position as the President of the Vlasenica Municipal Assembly (OHR, Dec. 15, 1998)

Decision on soldiers’ claims in the Federation (OHR, Nov. 21, 1998)

Decision suspending decision-making on claims to apartments in the Federation for which a permanent occupancy right was issued after 30 April 1991, and imposing a moratorium on sale of apartments to persons who acquired their occupancy right after 30 Apri (OHR, Nov. 05, 1998)

Decision preventing Mijo Tokic from holding any executive position in Canton 10 or any other office (OHR, Oct. 20, 1998)

Decision removing Dragan Cavic from his position as a member of the newly elected RS National Assembly (OHR, Oct. 08, 1998)

Decision on the minting of small denominations of the Konvertibilna Marka (OHR, Sep. 28, 1998)

Decision imposing the Law on Amendments to the Law on Housing Relations in the Federation, restoring to displaced persons and refugees occupancy rights cancelled under Article 47 of the old law and extending from 6 to 12 months the deadline for requesting (OHR, Sep. 17, 1998)

Decision extending until 4 April 1999 the deadline for filing claims to socially owned apartments in the Federation (OHR, Sep. 15, 1998)

Decision by the High Representative concerning the telecommunications sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (OHR, Sep. 11, 1998)

Decision imposing the Telecommunications Law of BiH (OHR, Sep. 11, 1998)

Decision on the extension for six months of the Decision on the Interim Arrangement for the Mostar Airport starting 16 September 1998 (OHR, Aug. 30, 1998)

Decision removing Marko Benkovic from his position as Mayor of Orasje (OHR, Aug. 28, 1998)

Decision on the apointment of members of the Council and of the Enforcement Panel of the Independent Media Commission (OHR, Aug. 05, 1998)

Decision on the establishment of an Independent Experts Commission to prepare the election law (OHR, Aug. 01, 1998)

Decision imposing the Law on Courts of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and the Law on the Court for the Central Zone of the City of Mostar (OHR, Jul. 31, 1998)

Decision imposing the Framework Law on Privatisation of Enterprises and Banks in BiH (OHR, Jul. 22, 1998)

Decision on the implementation by the BiH authorities of the GFAP with a view to reconciliation and multi-ethnicity (OHR, Jul. 01, 1998)

Decision establishing the Privatisation Monitoring Commission (OHR, Jun. 23, 1998)

Decision on the establishement of the Independent Media Commission (OHR, Jun. 11, 1998)

Decision on the deadlines for the implementation of the new uniform license plate system (OHR, May. 20, 1998)

Decision on the shape and design of the coat-of-arms of BiH (OHR, May. 18, 1998)

Decision on the establishment of municipal courts in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (OHR, May. 07, 1998)

Decision removing Drago Tokmakcija from his position as Deputy Mayor of Drvar (OHR, Apr. 16, 1998)

Decision on the flying of the flag of BiH (OHR, Apr. 02, 1998)

Decision imposing the design of bank notes (OHR, Mar. 27, 1998)

Decision imposing the Draft Law on the Policy of Foreign Direct Investment in BiH (OHR, Mar. 05, 1998)

Decision removing Pero Raguz from his position as Mayor of Stolac (OHR, Mar. 04, 1998)

Decision establishing an Interim Arrangement to run the Mostar Airport (OHR, Mar. 01, 1998)

Decision imposing the Law on the Flag of BiH (OHR, Feb. 03, 1998)


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