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Imports of High Fructose Corn Syrup from the United States of America (Review of the Final Determination of the Antidumping Investigation), ADM v. SECOFI, Final Decision, MEX-USA-1998-1904-01 (NAFTA Ch. 19 Art. 1904 Panel, Aug. 03, 2001)

Corrosion-Resistant Carbon Steel Flat Products from Canada (Final Results of the Antidumping Duty Administrative Review), Stelco v. USITA, Panel Determination and Remand, USA-CDA-1998-1904-01 (NAFTA Ch. 19 Art. 1904 Panel, Mar. 20, 2001)

In the matter of Cross-Border Trucking Services, Mexico v. USA, Final Report of the Panel, USA-MEX-1998-2008-01 (NAFTA Ch. 20 Art. 2008 Panel, Feb. 06, 2001)


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