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The Flick Trial; Trial of Friedrich flick and Five Others (Case No. 48), United States v. Flick, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Trib. (Nuremberg), Dec. 22, 1947)

The Flick Case (Case No. 5), United States v. Flick, Opinion and Judgment and Sentence,  (Military Tribunal No. 4, Dec. 22, 1947)

The Justice Trial; Trial of Joseph Altstotter and Others (Case No. 35), United States v. Altstoetter, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Trib. (Nuremberg), Dec. 04, 1947)

The Justice Case (Case No. 3), United States v. Altstoetter, Opinion and Judgment and Sentence,  (Military Tribunal No. 3, Dec. 04, 1947)

The Pohl Case (Case No. 4), United States v. Pohl, Opinion and Judgment and Sentence,  (Military Tribunal No. 2, Nov. 03, 1947)

Trial of Otto Skorzeny and Others (Case No. 56), United States v. Skorzeny, Judgment,  (U.S. Zone Gen. Mil. Gov. Ct. (Dachau, Germany), Sep. 09, 1947)

The Stalag Luft III Case; Trial of Max Wielen and 17 Others (Case No. 62), United Kingdom v. Wielen, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hamburg), Sep. 03, 1947)

Trial of Christian Baus (Case No. 52), France v. Baus, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal (Metz), Aug. 21, 1947)

The Medical Case (Case No. 1), United States v. Brandt, Sentence,  (Military Tribunal No. 1, Aug. 20, 1947)

The Medical Case (Case No. 1), United States v. Brandt, Judgment,  (Military Tribunal No. 1, Aug. 19, 1947)

Trial of Shigeki Motomura and 15 Others (Case No. 79), Netherlands v. Motomura, Judgment,  (Netherlands Temporary Court-Martial (Macassar), Jul. 18, 1947)

Trial of Gustav Becker, Wilhelm Weber and 18 Others (Case No. 40), France v. Becker, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal at Lyon, Jul. 17, 1947)

Trial of Lieutenant-General Babar Masao (Case No. 60), Australia v. Masao, Judgment,  (Australian Military Court (Rabaul), Jun. 02, 1947)

Trial of Helmuth von Ruchteschell (Case No. 55), United Kingdom v. Ruchteschell, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hamburg), May. 21, 1947)

Trial of Max Schmid (Case No. 82), United States v. Schmid, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Gov. Ct. (Dachau, Germany), May. 19, 1947)

The Trial of Albert Kesselring (Case No. 44), United Kingdom v. Kesselring, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Venice, Italy), May. 06, 1947)

Trial of Erhard Milch (Case No. 39), United States v. Milch, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Trib. (Nuremberg), Apr. 17, 1947)

The Milch Case (Case No. 2), United States v. Milch, Judgment,  (Military Tribunal No. 2, Apr. 15, 1947)

Trial of Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, Commandant of the Auschwitz Camp (Case No. 38), Poland v. Hoess, Judgment,  (Supreme National Tribunal of Poland, Mar. 29, 1947)

Trial of Karl Lingenfelder (Case No. 51), France v. Lingenfelder, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal (Metz), Mar. 11, 1947)

Trial of Alois and Anna Bommer and Their Daughters (Case No. 50), France v. Bommer, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal (Metz), Feb. 19, 1947)

Trial of Tanabe Koshiro (Case No. 59), Netherlands v. Koshiro, Judgment,  (Netherlands Temporary Court-Martial (Macassar), Feb. 05, 1947)

Trial of Franz Holstein and Twenty-Three Others (Case No. 46), France v. Holstein, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal (Dijon), Feb. 03, 1947)

Trial of Hauptsturmfuhrer Oscar Hans (Case No. 34), Norway v. Hans, Judgment,  (Eidsivating Lagmannsrett and the Supreme Court of Norway, Jan. 17, 1947)

Trial of Lothar Eisentrager (Case No. 84), United States v. Eisentraeger, Judgment,  (U.S. Comm. (Shanghai, China), Jan. 14, 1947)


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