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The Medical Case (Case No. 1), United States v. Brandt, Statement of the Tribunal on the Order of Trial and Rules of Procedure, 9 December 1946,  (Military Tribunal No. 1, Dec. 09, 1946)

Trial of Gerhard Friedrich Ernst Flesch, S.S. Obe Sturmbannfuhrer, Oberregierungsrat (Case No. 36), Norway v. Flesch, Judgment,  (Frostating Lagmannsrett, Dec. 02, 1946)

Trial of Albert Wagner (Case No. 75), France v. Wagner, Judgment,  (General Military Government Tribunal of the French Zone of Occupation of Germany, Nov. 29, 1946)

Trial of Washio Awochi (Case No. 76), Netherlands v. Awochi, Judgment,  (Netherlands Temporary Court-Martial (Batavia), Oct. 25, 1946)

Trial of Karl-Heinz Moehle (Case No. 54), United Kingdom v. Moehle, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hamburg), Oct. 16, 1946)

The Major War Criminals, United States v. Goring, Judgment,  (IMT, Oct. 01, 1946)

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, United States v. Goring, Judgment, Dissenting Opinion and Sentence,  (IMT, Oct. 01, 1946)

The Major War Criminals, United States v. Goring, Sentence,  (IMT, Sep. 30, 1946)

Trial of Lieutenant General Kurt Maelzer (Case No. 63), United States v. Maelzer, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Comm. (Florence, Italy), Sep. 14, 1946)

Trial of Hauptsturmfuhrer Amond Leopold Goeth (Case No. 37), Poland v. Goeth, Judgment,  (Supreme National Tribunal of Poland, Sep. 05, 1946)

Trial of General Tanaka Hisakasu and Five Others, United States v. Hisakasu, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Comm. (Shanghai), Sep. 03, 1946)

Trial of Takashi Sakai (Case No. 83), China v. Sakai, Judgment,  (Chinese War Crimes Military Tribunal of the Ministry of National Defence (Nanking), Aug. 29, 1946)

Trial of Heinz Hagendorf (Case No. 80), United States v. Hagendorf, Judgment,  (U.S. Intermed. Gov. Ct. (Dachau, Germany), Aug. 09, 1946)

Trial of Generaloberst Nickolaus von Falkenhorst (Case No. 61), United Kingdom v. von Falkenhorst, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Brunswick), Aug. 02, 1946)

Trial of Lieutenant General Harukei Isayama and Seven Others (Case No. 32), United States v. Isayama, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Comm. (Shanghai), Jul. 25, 1946)

Trial of Tanaka Chuichi and Two Others (Case No. 65), Australia v. Chuichi, Judgment,  (Australian Military Court (Rabaul), Jul. 12, 1946)

Trial of Gauleiter Artur Greiser (Case No. 74), Poland v. Greiser, Judgment,  (Supreme National Tribunal of Poland, Jul. 07, 1946)

Trial of Kriminalsekretar Richard Wilhelm Hermann Bruns and Two Others (Case No. 12), Norway v. Bruns, Judgment,  (Eidsivating Lagmannsrett and the Supreme Court of Norway, Jul. 03, 1946)

Trial of Franz Schonfeld and Nine Others (Case No. 66), United Kingdom v. Schonfeld, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Essen), Jun. 26, 1946)

Trial of Hans Szabados (Case No. 49), France v. Szabados, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal (Clermont-Ferrand), Jun. 23, 1946)

Trial of Werner Rohde and Eight Others (Case No. 31), United Kingdom v. Zeuss, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Wuppertal, Germany), Jun. 01, 1946)

Trial of Karl adam Golkel and Thirteen Others (Case No. 30), United Kingdom v. Golkel, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Wuppertal, Germany), May. 21, 1946)

Trial of Jean-Pierre Lex (Case No. 41), France v. Lex, Judgment,  (Permanent Military Tribunal at Nancy, May. 13, 1946)

Trial of Kurt Student (Case No. 24), United Kingdom v. Student, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Luneberg, Germany), May. 10, 1946)

Trial of Karl Buck and Ten Others (Case No. 29), United Kingdom v. Buck, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Wuppertal, Germany), May. 10, 1946)

Trial of Captain Eikichi Kato (Case NO. 28), Australia v. Kato, Judgment,  (Australian Military Court (Rabaul), May. 07, 1946)

Trial of Robert Wagner, Gauleiter and Head of the Civil Government of Alsace during the Occupation, and Six Others (Case No. 13), France v. Wagner, Judgment,  (Perm. Mil. Trib. (Strasbourg) and Court of Appeal, May. 03, 1946)

Trial of Lieutenant-General Shigeru Sawada and Three Others (Case No. 25), United states v. Sawada, Judgment,  (U.S. Mil. Comm. (Shanghai), Apr. 15, 1946)

Trial of Heinrich Gerike and Seven Others; The Velpke Children's Home Case (Case No. 42), United Kingdom v. Gerike, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Brunswick), Apr. 03, 1946)

Trial of Captain Eitaro Shinohara and Two Others (Case No. 27), Australia v. Shinohara, Judgment,  (Australian Military Court (Rabaul), Apr. 01, 1946)

Trial of Sergeant-Major Shigeru Ohashi and Six Others (Case No. 26), Australia v. Ohashi, Judgment,  (Australian Military Court (Rabaul), Mar. 23, 1946)

The Dreierwalde Case; Trial of Karl Amberger (Formerly Oberfeldwebel) (Case No. 7), United Kingdom v. Amberger, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Wuppertal), Mar. 14, 1946)

The Zyklon B Case; Trial of Bruno Tesch and Two Others (Case No. 9), United Kingdom v. Tesch, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hamburg), Mar. 08, 1946)

Trial of Kriminalassistent Karl-Hans Hermann Klinge, Norway v. Klinge, Judgment,  (Eidsivating Lagmannsrett and the Supreme Court of Norway, Feb. 27, 1946)

Trial of Major Karl Rauer and Six Others (Case No. 23), United Kingdom v. Rauer, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Wuppertal, Germany), Feb. 18, 1946)

The Scuttled U-Boats Case; Trial of Oberleutnant Gerhard Grumpelt (Case No. 5), United Kingdom v. Grumpelt, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hamburg), Feb. 13, 1946)

Trial of Eberhard Schoengrath and Six Others (Case No. 71), United Kingdom v. Schoengrath, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Burgsteinfurt, Germany), Feb. 11, 1946)

Trial of Yamamoto Chusaburo (Case No. 20), United Kingdom v. Chusaburo, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Kuala Lumpur), Feb. 01, 1946)

Trial of Willi MacKensen (Case No. 70), United Kingdom v. MacKensen, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hannover), Jan. 28, 1946)

Trial of Arno Heering (Case No. 69), United Kingdom v. Heering, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Hannover), Jan. 26, 1946)

Trial of Hans Renoth and Three Others (Case No. 68), United Kingdom v. Renoth, Judgment,  (U.K. Mil. Ct. (Elten, Germany), Jan. 10, 1946)


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