8 June 2007


General List No. 132


international Court of Justice


Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea








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BEFORE: President: Higgins
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Citation: Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea (Rom. v. Ukr.), 2007 I.C.J. 650 (Order of June 8)

The International Court of Justice,

Composed as above,

After deliberation,

Having regard to Article 48 of the Statute of the Court and to Article 44, paragraph 3, of the Rules of Court,

Having regard to the Order of 30 June 2006, whereby the Court fixed 22 December 2006 and 15 June 2007 respectively as the time-limits for the filing of the Reply of Romania and the Rejoinder of Ukraine,

Having regard to the Reply duly filed by Romania within this time-limit;

Whereas, by a letter dated 31 May 2007 and received in the Registry on 1 June 2007 by facsimile, the Agent of Ukraine informed the Court that his Government, for the reasons explained in that letter, requested a three-week extension of the time-limit for the filing of the Rejoinder of Ukraine, i.e., until 6 July 2007; and whereas, on receipt of that letter, the Registry transmitted a copy thereof to the Agent of Romania;

Whereas, by a letter dated 4 June 2007 and received in the Registry on 6 June 2007, the Agent of Romania stated that his Government, while leaving this matter to the assessment of the Court, “[did] not oppose a reasonable extension, provided that it [would] not influence upon the fixing of the oral hearings”;

Taking account of the views of the Parties,

Extends to 6 July 2007 the time-limit for the filing of the Rejoinder of Ukraine; and

Reserves the subsequent procedure for further decision.

Done in English and in French, the English text being authoritative, at the Peace Palace, The Hague, this eighth day of June, two thousand and seven, in three copies, one of which will be placed in the archives of the Court and the others transmitted to the Government of Romania and
the Government of Ukraine, respectively.

(Signed) Rosalyn HIGGINS,

(Signed) Philippe COUVREUR,


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