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14 September 1990


General List No. 75


international Court of Justice


El Salvador



Honduras: Nicaragua intervening



BEFORE: President: Sette-Camara
Citation: Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute (El Sal. v. Hond: Nicar. intervening), 1990 I.C.J. 146 (Order of Sept. 14)


President of the Chamber of the International Court of Justice formed to deal with the case concerning the Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute between El Salvador and Honduras,

Having regard to Articles 48 and 62 of the Statute of the Court and to Articles 31 and 85 of the Rules of Court,

Having regard to the Special Agreement concluded on 24 May 1986 between the Republic of El Salvador and the Republic of Honduras for the submission of a land, island and maritime frontier dispute between the two States to a chamber of the Court,

Having regard to the Application for permission to intervene in the case under Article 62 of the Statute of the Court filed by the Republic of Nicaragua on 17 November 1989; and

Whereas by a Judgment delivered on 13 September 1990 the Chamber found that Nicaragua had shown that it had an interest of a legal nature which may be affected by part of the Judgment of the Chamber on the merits in the present case, namely its decision on the legal regime of the waters of the Gulf of Fonseca, but not by its decision on other issues in dispute, and decided that Nicaragua was permitted to intervene in the case, pursuant to Article 62 of the Statute, to the extent, in the manner and for the purposes therein indicated, but not further or otherwise; [p147]

Having ascertained the views of the Parties and of the intervening State,

Fixes the time-limits provided for in Article 85 of the Rules of Court as follows:

14 December 1990 as the time-limit for the submission by the Republic of Nicaragua of a written statement;

14 March 1991 as the time-limit within which the Parties may, if they so desire, furnish their written observations on the written statement of the Republic of Nicaragua;

And reserves the subsequent procedure for further decision.

Done in English and in French, the English text being authoritative, at the Peace Palace, The Hague, this fourteenth day of September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety, in four copies, one of which will be placed in the archives of the Court and the others transmitted to the Government of El Salvador, the Government of Honduras, and the Government of Nicaragua, respectively.

(Signed) Jose SETTE-CAMARA,
President of the Chamber.

(Signed) Eduardo VALENCIA-OSPINA,