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Abu Garda Al Bashir Banda & Jerbo Barasa Bemba Gaddafi & Al-Senussi Gbagbo Goude Harun Hussein Katanga Kenyatta Kony et al Lubanga Matsanga Mbarushimana Mudacumura Muthaura Ngudjolo Chui Ntaganda Ruto & Sang Misc.


Prosecutor v. Barasa, Decision on the "Defence Request for Disclosure(1)", ICC-01/09-01/13-23 (ICC PTC II, Oct. 29, 2013)

Prosecutor v. Barasa, Order to the Prosecutor to Respond to the "Defence Request for Disclosure(1)" Dated 14 October 2013, ICC-01/09-01/13-19 (ICC PTC II, Oct. 15, 2013)

Prosecutor v. Barasa, Warrant of Arrest for Walter Osapiri Barasa, ICC-01/09-01/13-1-Red2 (ICC PTC II, Aug. 02, 2013)


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