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15 October 1982


Communication No. 107/1981 [FN1]


human rights committee

  Seventeenth Session  
  11-29 October 1982  

Maria del Carmen Almeida de Quinteros






BEFORE: CHAIRMAN: Mr. Andreas Mavrommatis (Cyprus)
VICE-CHAIRMEN: Mr. Nejib Bouziri (Tunisia), Mr. Bernhard Graefrath (German Democratic Republic), Mr. Julio Prado Vallejo (Ecuador)
RAPPORTEUR: Mr. Walter Tarnopolsky (Canada)
MEMBERS: Mr. Andres Aguilar (Venezuela), Mr. Mohammed Al Douri (Iraq), Mr. Nejib Bouziri (Tunisia), Mr. Joseph A.L.Cooray (Sri Lanka), Mr. Vojin Dimitrijevic (Yugoslavia), Mr. Felix Ermacora (Austria), Mr. Rojer Errera (France), Sir Vincent Evans (United Kingdom), Mr. Bernhard Graefrath (German Democratic Republic), Mr. Vladimir Hanga (Romania), Mr. Leonte Herdocia Ortega (Nicaragua), Mr. Andreas Mavrommatis (Cyprus), Mr. Anatoly Petrovich Movchan (Soviet Union), Mr. Birame Ndiaye (Senegal), Mr. Torkel Opsahl (Norvay), Mr. Julio Prado Vallejo (Ecuador), Mr. Walter Tarnopolsky (Canada), Mr. Christian Tomuschat (Federal Republic of Germany).

All the members, except Mr. Dieye, attended the seventeenth session of the Committee.

Citation: Almeida de Quinteros v. Uru., Comm. 107/1981, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/OP/2, at 11 (HRC 1982)
Publications: Office of the U.N. High Comm'r for Human Rights, Selected Decisions of the Human Rights Committee under the Optional Protocol, Vol. II, at 11, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/OP/2, U.N. Sales No. E.89.XIV.1 (1990)


[FN1] Not previously published in the annual report of the Human Rights Committee.



Article of the Optional Protocol: 4 (2)


The Human Rights Committee,


Noting that the author of the communication has submitted detailed information, including eyewitness testimonies, concerning the detention of her daughter, Elena Quinteros,


Taking note also of the brief information submitted by the State party on 14 June and 13 August 1982, to the effect that Elena Quinteros has been sought throughout Uruguay since 8 May 1975 and that the Government of Uruguay had no part in the events described by the author of the communication,


Concerned, however, that the State party has made no attempt to address in substance the serious and corroborated allegations made against, it, but merely denies any knowledge thereof,


Concluding, that the information furnished by the State party, so far, is insufficient to comply with the requirements of article 4 (2) of the Optional Protocol,


1.         Urges the State party, without further delay and with a view to clarifying the matters complained of, to conduct a thorough inquiry into the allegations made and to inform the Human Rights Committee of the outcome of such inquiry not later than 1 February 1983, in care of the Centre for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva;


2.         Decides, that any reply received from the State party pursuant to operative paragraph I above shall be transmitted to the author of the communication to enable her to comment thereon if she so wishes. Any such comments should reach the Human Rights Committee, in care of the Centre for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva, within four weeks of the date of transmittal;


3.         Further decides, that this decision shall be communicated to the State party and to the author of the communication.




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