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Ice Cream and Yoghurt, United States v. Canada, Report, 36S/68, L/6568 (GATT Panel, Dec. 05, 1989)

Beef, United States v. Korea, Report, 36S/268, L/6503 (GATT Panel, Nov. 07, 1989)

Beef, New Zealand v. Korea, Report, 36S/234, L/6505 (GATT Panel, Nov. 07, 1989)

Section 337 Tariff Act, European Communities v. US, Report, 36S/345, L/6439 (GATT Panel, Nov. 07, 1989)

Beef, Australia v. Korea, Report, 36S/202, L/6504 (GATT Panel, Nov. 07, 1989)

Non-Rubber Footwear, Brazil v. US, Report, 42S/208, SCM/94 (GATT Panel, Oct. 04, 1989)

SPF Dimension Lumber, Canada v. Japan, Report, 36S/167, L/6470 (GATT Panel, Jul. 19, 1989)

Apples and Pears, United States v. Norway, Report, 36S/306, L/6474 (GATT Panel, Jun. 22, 1989)

Apples, United States v. EEC, Report, 36S/135, L/6513 (GATT Panel, Jun. 22, 1989)

Dessert Apples, Chile v. EEC, Report, 36S/93, L/6491 (GATT Panel, Jun. 22, 1989)

Sugar, Australia v. US, Report, 36S/331, L/6514 (GATT Panel, Jun. 22, 1989)


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