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Umar v. Nigeria, Judgment, ECW/CCJ/APP/12/11; ECW/CCJ/JUD/17/12 (ECOWAS CCJ, Dec. 14, 2012)

SERAP v. Nigeria, Judgment, ECW/CCJ/APP/08/09; ECW/CCJ/JUD/18/12 (ECOWAS CCJ, Dec. 14, 2012)

Warkani v. President of ECOWAS Commission, Ruling, ECW/CCJ/APP/10/11; ECW/CCJ/APP/11/11 (ECOWAS CCJ, Oct. 09, 2012)

Pinheiro v. Ghana, Judgment, ECW/CCJ/APP/07/10; ECW/CCJ/JUD/11/12 (ECOWAS CCJ, Jul. 06, 2012)

Judgment on Priliminary Objections (Tasheku v. Nigeria, Judgment on Preliminary Objections, ECW/CCJ/APP/13/11; ECW/CCJ/RUL/12/12 (ECOWAS CCJ, Jun. 12, 2012)

Adewale v. Council of Ministers (ECOWAS), Judgment, ECW/CCJ/APP/11/10; ECW/CCJ/JUD/07/12 (ECOWAS CCJ, May. 16, 2012)

Falana v. Benin, Judgment, ECW/CCJ/APP/10/07; ECW/CCJ/JUD/02/12 (ECOWAS CCJ, Jan. 24, 2012)


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