18 October 2002


Reference No. 1/2002


COMESA Court of justice


Building Design Enterprise



Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa


Order of the Lord President

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BEFORE: PRESIDENT: The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice A.M. Akiwumi
PermaLink: http://www.worldcourts.com/comesacj/eng/decisions/2002.10.18_BDE_v_COMESA.htm
Citation: BDE v. COMESA, Reference No. 1/2002, Order (COMESA-CJ, Oct. 18, 2002)
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[1] Parties to this Arbitration, Reference Number 1 of 2002, as they can do under Rule 69.1, have, by a letter of 9th October, 2002 addressed to the Registrar of the Court and signed by the Advocates of both Parties, intimated to the Court that having reached a settlement of their dispute the claim therein is abandoned. This being so, and the Court not having given its decision on the matter, I hereby order the Arbitration, Reference Number 1 of 2002, removed from the Register of the Court.

[2] As regards costs, the Parties have also in the same letter referred to above, reached a mutual agreement regarding cost. I, therefore, hereby also order, having regard to the agreed mutual settlement as to costs, that costs shall be in terms of that mutual agreement.

[3] A copy of this order to be served on the Parties.

[4] It is so ordered.

[5] Dated this 18th day of October, 2002 at Lusaka.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice A.M. Akiwumi





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