25 October - 3 November 1994


Communication No. 127/94



  Sixteenth Ordinary Session  
  25 October - 3 November 1994  

Sana Dumbaya



The Gambia



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BEFORE: CHAIRMAN: Prof. Isaac Nguema
VICE CHAIRMAN: Dr. Mohamed H. Ben Salem
COMMISSIONERS: Prof. Emmanuel V.O. Dankwa, Mr. Sourahata B. Semega Janneh, Mr. Robert H. Kisanga, Dr. Vera V.B.S. Duarte-Martins, Dr. Ibrahim A. Badawi Ei-Sheikh, Prof. U. Oji Umozurike
PermaLink: http://www.worldcourts.com/achpr/eng/decisions/1994.11_Dumbaya_v_Gambia.htm
Citation: Dumbaya v. Gam., Comm. 127/94, 8th ACHPR AAR Annex VI (1994-1995)
Publications: IHRDA, Compilation of Decisions on Communications of the African Commission On Human and Peoplesí Rights Extracted from the Commissionís Activity Reports 1994-2001, at 103 (2002); Documents of the African Commission on Human and Peoplesí Rights, at 397 (Malcolm D. Evans & Rachel Murray eds., 2001); (2000) AHRLR 103 (ACHPR 1995)


1. Mr. Dumbuya complains that he was working as a registry clerk for the Ministry for Local Government and Lands from January to July 1992. In July 1992 he was dismissed under unclear circumstances, allegedly for leaking official secrets.


2. The complainant has failed or neglected to respond to two requests by the Commission for information whether all local remedies have been exhausted. In the circumstances the Commission during its 16th Session declared the communication inadmissible on account of lack of exhaustion of local remedies.







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